Straight from the horses mouth...


The ponies at Larkrigg are very clever and have got their hooves on our laptop and want to keep you informed of all Larkriggs gossip!

On this page the ponies will get their turn to whinny about all the latest arrivals and news so keep your eyes peeled!



My name is Twinkle and I am the number 1 pony here so I've decided I will be the first to tell you all about whats going on here at Larkrigg.

Firstly let me tell you a bit about me! I am 7hh of pure chestnut perfection with a lovely flowing mane and a very handsome face and I would say I am pretty much in charge of the yard here at Larkrigg, In the field I boss all of the other boys about and generally rule the roost. I have my very own stable which is the perfect size for me, you can come visit me if you like, make sure you bring me an apple or carrot or at a push i quite like a polo or two!

My best mate is chips, hes a bit fat and grumpy but he's always up for a laugh and a play in the field. There have been loads of new arrivals recently and I've been showing them the ropes and generally making sure they pass my high standards! Theres a new grey pony called Desmondo, he seems like he might be good fun. Someone mentioned something about another new pony called Badger so I'm hoping he will be a good member of my team! I will keep you posted to see how they will get on!

Ooh I also need to let you guys know that my old friend Trixie won't be around anymore, the lucky pony has gone into semi - retirement with Rachel. All us ponies would like to wish her the best of luck, she's been around for so long and we will miss her loads! Heres hoping she has lots of fun with her new children, Luke and Emily.

Anyways I'm off now to see how my staff are getting on fixing my dinner.

Hope to see you soon, don't forget my carrots!

xxxx Twinks xxxx

p.s Ive put a photo of me up so you can see how gorgeous I am!

Dec 3rd.

Brrrrrrrrrrrrr, Fergus here! Its very snowy at Larkrigg, all us boys have to stay out in the field 'cos it's too slippy to get in over the car park. I saw a lot of gritty stuff being put on the floor and a big plough scraped snow off earlier though so the rumour is Pony Club will be on this weekend! Yay, can't wait to see you all!

A lot of the new boys Twinks told you about are still here, only Badger has gone, he was lovely but a bit bouncy! We're all having lots of fun in the snow, we have plenty of hay and water brought out and our big rugs on so we stay nice and warm. I get to come in a bit with the girls 'cos I find it difficult to eat the grass and hay with my damaged hamster jaw! Haha anyway I try and put on my cute sad face everytime someone comes so I get special treatment and lots of extra grub :)

Well gotta scoot, Annes coming and im dripping snow all over her floor! OOPS!

Smell ya later!

Fergie xxx

OOh p.s. hear I am in demand for the fancy dress gymkhana, remember im a macho pony - i want to look handsome not girly! Only, really! xxxx


Hey its Freddie, just logged in to say....Woohoo! I won fancy dress! Well, Hannah and Holly did the costume but I think we won because of my cute factor! I also did some jumping at the christmas gymkhana which I lurrrved but anyway, that was ages ago! What I want to know is who is going to ride me for PC jumping in half term because im ace! Get your brave boots on and give me a spin! xxx Freds


Well hello! This is Pebbles here. I thought it was about time us girls got our hands on this blog and gave you some useful news unlike those silly boys who only talk about themselves!

In case some of you don't know who I am, Ill introduce myself. I am the gorgeous grey pony down in the mares building, unlike some of the other girls who arent very friendly I'm always very happy to see you and am usually up for a chat and a cuddle (and some polos)! Don't tell anyone but Im not as young as I used to be so now I like nothing more than helping some little people tootle round their first few jumping courses. I always look after them and love getting lots of pretty rosettes!

Us girls are all really quite good friends out in the field, me and Solitaire are the herd mums, we've been here the longest so we show all the new ladies the ropes. Recent new arrivals have been Sherry (who has a heart of gold but between you and me has been hitting the hay a bit hard and is a little on the round side!), and also Bea who is just a baby compared to me but has legs up to her ears! Not that im jealous of these skinny supermodel types or anything...

Well, the field is calling me, Juno and Echo are having a bit of a tiff over that pretty boy pony Ash so I better go sort them out!



OMG! I cant believe that they've let little old me in at last to write. Well I dont know why they haven't let me in already because I'm so like the best pony here like ever! Well any way I am soooo loving the sunshine this week Im already working on my blonde highlights, I like to take care of myself I always think you have to look your best - and when you have the amazing good looks like I do its even more important. Well I owe it to my staff and fanclub to look gorgeous all the time. Sometimes I just catch sight of myself and just have to stop and stare!

Well in addition to being absolutely fabulous baby, Im also super talented, Ive competed at county show which apparently is pretty good, I loved all the pampering and adoring fans but it got me a bit sweaty and ewww that is sooooooo last years look! I like to make sure my riders are giving me all the attention I deserve so I sometimes practise my 'dodge the paparazzi' moves in the school to make sure they're awake - well, its only time until horse and hound want an exclusive so I need to keep in shape!

Well apparently I have to finish now. Anne is a bit cross I keep going in the front room to check out my hair in the mirror. Apparently I was supposed to tell you all about some new horse called Puzzle who has just arrived. But lets be honest, really all you want to hear about is ME isnt it!??

Laters Darlings

big kisses

Ash xxxx


Hi There, New chap Oliver here! You can't miss me, I'm the huge and very handsome fella. I'm here to see if I enjoy being a riding school horse and I have to say, so far, so good! You girls love looking at me and admiring the size of my feet! I'm quite enjoying all the treats you keep sneaking me, keep em coming!

At the moment I'm turned out with Jake, Timmy and Foxy. Jake and Timmy are alright but that Foxy, well! All he does is rabbit on about the good old days when he was a show cob. No way could he be a show horse, he's much uglier than me and he's got no teeth! Always spitting his grub out all over, don't ever go eating where he's been, spat out grass every where! And don't even get me started on his hearing, deaf old goat!

Well, I best get back to my stable now, not sure how I'm going to get out of the kitchen, its a bit of a squeeze in here!

Ta Ra for now

Oliver x

Good morning girls and boys,

This is Mrs. Solitaire speaking...are you sure that this is working? Are you writing this down? Yes? Right then, I'm dictating this to you through Rosie. I didn't bring my glasses with me and i'm not about to start bothering to learn how to work all these new fangled thingummy jigs but the girls asked me to come and speak to you all.

I can see why, as the oldest and may I say the wisest pony here at Larkrigg I'm always been asked for advice from you riders and the other ponies. How to I do rising trot Solitaire, my rider keeps bouncing in canter Solitaire, the list goes on.

The answer is simple children, listen to those instructors - having taught half of them a thing or two over the years I'm sure they are doing an excellent job of passing on my pearls of wisdom! As for you ponies, remember you are there as teachers as well, over the years I have perfected the perfect front legs canter, back legs trot to help my riders begin to canter, find your own little tricks to help teach your riders and you will find yourself slipped all sorts of lovely titbits!

That isn't to say you should mollycoddle the little dears - it does them good to have a good wake up call every now and then. I myself favour the "something new in the distance" approach, a bit of staring and snorting soon makes them shorten their reins - theres life in the old girl yet!

However, (I hope your getting this word for word Rosie?) if you should like to come and say hello please remember to mind your manners - I'm an old fashioned lady at heart - and I like polite children, most importantly however remember to bring me a treat or two, I do so enjoy a nice carrot with my afternoon tea.

Have a lovely afternoon children,

Much love

Mrs. Solitaire

(Batman tune...)Dinna dinna dinna dinna, dinna dinna dinna dinna RAMBO!!!

OOh yeah, Ooh yeah! i'm the fastest, i'm the bestest, i'm the cutest and the smartest!

Just take a ride and you will see, why it's always all about me, me, ME!

I jump the highest in the class and my rider can be any long as they can sit very tight its almost like im taking flight!

I'm not that keen on poncing round the school but if I do the fillies see me and drool.

I am so brave, and am such a catch - in me that Ash has met his match!

Dinna dinna dinna dinna, dinna dinna dinna dinna RAMBO!!!


HEYYYYAAAAA, so...erm,I'm quite new here! My name is CHESTER, I'm the big bay handsome boy down in the mares block, I'm the youngest riding school horse here YAY! I must admit, i'm pretty chubby but it's only puppy fat- promise! I'm totally laid back in the school and you wouldn't know I'm only 8

I love cuddles, food and attention, I'm very friendly!



This is Kacey jumping me, she rode me so well but she's a lot smaller than what i'm used to!

Cya guys! Hope you can come and visit me soon! xoxo


Hey guys! It's ME! Yep, that's right, Washingpool Ladies Man, most of you know me as Ash! I know I already have a blog but I'm just that special.

So, some of you might already know that me and Dannii have been showing recently, and to be honest, I think i looked pretty FABULOUS!

Here's me showing at Cartmel AGAIN... I got first AGAIN, no surprise there!

oh yea, and I'm totally gonna qualify for Horse Of the Year Show for next year.

Well... erm, I just spotted something pretty scary at the other side of Annes kitchen so I'm gonna have to dash people, luv ya xoxox

Hello lads! this is moon here, the big grey tank in the geldings block!

Just thought i'd get my hooves on the blog for once and update you all...

It's been awfully wet here recently so there's hardly any lessons gutted! Haha joking, we love it, no work!

im having swimming lessons in the geldings field,maybe you could come and join me sometime!


Hi guys! it's Basil here! brrrrr, it's absalutely freezing here, especially with my clip, I loved my hairy face! We've been staying in our stables at night because it's too cold and muddy to go out...

Oh no... I can see white falling from the sky.. the girls have been talking, saying there's something called snow coming soon so this must be it, does this mean the lessons will be cancelled? hmmm, I hope so, my hooves are freezing in that school, I feel like hopping around, hehe..

Anyway, I must go now, going to investigate this 'SNOW', come down and give me a cuddle and maybe a little something to nibble on sometime?Not to be cheeky! Ba byeee!!!!!!!!!!!!


Hello everyone! It's Rozanna here, oh you must know me, the big black lady down in the mares block! Yes that's me!

So, this is quite hard to type with my massive shivering hooves but I needed to tell you all... Wednesday it was so snowy! It was very deep and so the Pony Club was cancelled and we all got to go out and have a gallop around, it was so much fun but BRRRRR it was chilly!

The girls still came down to look after us though obviously and they went sledging and were building snow men haha! Oh dear, kids these days, what happened to having a nice warm lie down in your stable!

Oh well, talking of warm stables, I must go back to mine now, I hope it's all lay down for me to have a nap.

Nighty night girls and boys, make sure you're all wrapped in in rugs!

P.S i've put a picture up of me trotting off into the snowy field :)