D Test Passed! Well done girls!

Another Successful Gymkhana!

We hold gymkhanas throughout the year. We have a practice usually on a Wednesday afternoon and the gymkhana on Saturday. The gymkhanas may include jumping, games, handy pony, or perhaps dressage and equitation. We even have a one day event with dressage, show jumping and cross country!



Accumulator Jumping Explanation

Equitation Explanation

Larkrigg is a Pony Club Centre. You can become a member of this centre which is designed for children who do not own their own pony but would like to become involved in pony club activities. There are many Pony Club activities which members can get involved in;

  • Rallies (group teaching sessions)
  • Efficiency tests
  • Progressive tests
  • Achievement badges
  • League competitions
  • Own a pony days
  • Parties
  • Outings to equestrian events
  • and much more

To join you must be a regular customer, and be cantering. Simply ask for a form from a member of staff!

Larkrigg run rallies every other Saturday, mornings for younger children, afternoons for the older ones. Make sure you are booked in by Thursday to avoid disappointment

Please click the Pony Club logo to go to the centre pages on their website.


The cost of the rallies is

£20 Saturday's 10.30-12.00pm


£25 Saturday's 1.30-3.30pm




Ride Groups

Group Thoroughbred

Elizabeth C-T

Sophie B

Frances L

Amy J

Austin L



Group Shetland










Group Exmoor

Briege H

Maya W

Ella M

Rosie R

Eliza R

Nicola L



Group Conemara

Iona Mc

Evie F


Isobella P

Charlotte P

DATES 2016

Please don't forget to book in by the Thursday before your rally, either by ticking the sheet in the tack room or by phone. Ponies and groups are arranged on Friday so if you turn up without booking in you might find yourself on Moon or Twinkle!

Don't forget all Wednesday's through the holidays are practises for the coming Saturday's event please book in the tack room

Group Thoroughbred/Conemara

16th Sep, 30th Sep, 14th Oct, 28th Oct, 11th Nov, 25th Nov, 9th Dec, 23rd Dec

Group Exmoor/Shetland

9th Sep, 23rd Sep, 7th Oct, 21st Oct, 4th Nov, 18th Nov, 2nd Dec, 16th Dec, 30th Dec




I will have a sign up sheet for you in the tack room please please let me know which ones you are coming to!





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How our Pony Clubbers have changed!


 Holly Arnold... Jayne Potter...

Dont forget...at every gymkhana you take part in, every time you come to a rally and if you help at Larkrigg events, you gain points for yourself. At the end of the year, we add up the points and the person with the most, WINS! Don't forget we have individual winners and champions as well!


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