Welcome to the new website!

We are well into the spring now we think!! all the ponies are losing there winter coats so there is hair everywhere! (the birds are loving it making their nests)

We have a couple of new arrival’s Maisy and Billy to add to our team, we have also got another 2 ponies coming next week Bert and Blue so exciting times.

We have a new Livery arrives this week called Annie and we have her mate to our collection of shetland’s Banjo!!

With Xmas over, we have come to the coldest months of the year, but nothing stops here!!

We are currently looking for new Friends to join our team of fabulous Ponies which do a fabulous job teaching old and new to learn the basics of riding. We also have a couple to retire this winter (not that they are not already retired!!! as they don’t do much here!!!).

Fitness has started with the showing team getting ready for the upcoming season… Alan has been out doing a bit of dressage to keep his mind active!! (he then needed 2 days to get over the 2 minute test!!!) He only went and won what a clever boy. Rio has been to his first show of the year and gained a 3rd and 1st again very pleased.

Eliza has had a change of pony as her legs were getting slightly long on her 13.2 springboard, she now has Rocky a 14.2HH which the family are excited about.

Spot and Raine have gone to their new home, with Holly and Lucy as they have bought a new House with Stables, we wish them lots of luck for the future.

Keep warm everyone!!

Our Liveries have been busy over the Summer, whether they have been Showjumping, Working Hunter, Pony Club, Riding Club, Showing or just enjoying the sun with some lovely rides out!!!

Rosie and Eliza have been Showjumping BSJA with Early and Squirrel and have once again qualified for the Dengie Final Whilst Shannon has been doing alot of BSJA with her other pony Milo, Hattie has been going for some lovely hacks with Karen…..Lucy has a new pony called Raine so Spot is going to be handed over to Holly (sister) to take up the reins… Lucy (Adult) and Jake have been for some lovely hacks with Bogdan and Samson… Ella and Ellie have been doing a bit with Dibbles, Ella has been representing her School in Showjumping while Ellie has been to Riding Club and an odd Farm Ride….Lorna has got a new steed in Charlie and they are both enjoying getting to know one another….Whilst Vicki and Abbie are hacking out most days……

Keep coming back for news and updates over the coming weeks and we'll share some of the successes and news from the yard.