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Well What an Easter!! I am exhausted!! To finish off our Easter Break we had our Fancy Dress Gymkhana, which we moved 2 years ago from Christmas as the Weather was too cold and wet for them!!! I'm not sure this year that Easter was far enough away from Winter!!! Anyway we all had a fantastic time and it didn't rain!!!

Fancy Dress Winners were, Ella and Maya who had themselves and Twinkle dressed up as a ballerina! Fantastic, in 2nd place was Evie and Mika who was a carousel horse and Evie was Mary Poppins, 3rd was Bea and Alba with Johan and 101 Dalmations, 4th was Elizabeth & Jack who was Gandhow (Will check spelling!!) from Lord of the rings (I think!!!), 5th was Frances & Eddie as a shooting star, 6th Iona & Eddie Sheep and Mint Sauce!! Well done to everyone else who took part we had 2 sisters being Jockeys, a Ganster Granny and a Katie Walsh (it was the Grand National!!!)

Games Next......... What can I say.... Hilarious..... First Bending to get us started, cup race, egg n spoon(easter!!), Wheelbarrow (i'm sure Maya broke hers!!) Chocolate Game (glad noone was sick!!!) Bareback, sack race, then the Space Hopper Game sorry Amy's Team (Julie got the space hoppers for 2 year olds I think!!!!) was funny, then to finish them all off we had 8 in one sack and 8 in the other and made them jump to the finish as a TEAM!! lets just say they all got out and ran back with it on their heads!!.

1st was Amy's Team - Charlotte, Iona and Bea,

2nd was Frances's Team - Maya, Anya and Kate

3rd was Sophie's Team - Ella, Evie and Alba

4th was Elizabeth's Team - Isabella, Alice and Emma                          WELL DONE



Morning Group competition

1st Charlotte, 2nd Isabella, 3rd Alice, 4th Alba, 5th Emma and 6th Anya

Afternoon Group

1st Iona, 2nd Amy, 3rd Frances, 4th Elizabeth, 5th Ella and 6th Sophie and Maya