Helping hands

On site qualified instructors and experienced professionals are a great bonus for first time horse owners and also more advanced riders looking to develop competition level skills. 

The Larkrigg team are always happy to lend a hand or share opinions when equine challenges arise, and when it's time to call in specialists it's reassuring to know that Anne and her team have amassed a contact list full of tried and trusted suppliers over the years. From veterinary and dental specialists to farriers and physiotherapists, the team can point you in the right direction.

Livery at Larkrigg is about so much more than a just about finding a home for your horse, it’s being part of a family

Do you dream of owning your own horse? 

We understand that owning a horse is a major commitment and it may seem particularly daunting if you haven't done it before. Larkrigg aims to provide a service that covers all your horse’s day-to-day needs, plus the little extra's that make your life easier and more manageable. As well as organising all the shoeing, worming, haylage and feed, we make sure that your horse has regular turnout in our many acres of rolling Cumbrian landscape.

Our daughters had always dreamed of having a pony, but as complete novices we were very apprehensive. Anne and her team have been a godsend in helping us avoid the myriad of pony pitfalls!