“The obvious choice.”

Larkrigg was the obvious choice for us when deciding where to stable our ponies on livery. We were looking for a family-friendly environment, with good facilities, an all-weather school and all-year turnout.

Anne and Kevin are always happy to offer support and advice when needed and we trust them, knowing that our ponies are in good hands when we are not around. Both of the ponies settled quickly at Larkrigg and both they, and us, are thriving there!

“More than just a home for your horse”

Our daughters had always dreamed of having a pony, but as complete novices we were very apprehensive. Anne and her team have been a godsend in helping us avoid the myriad of pony pitfalls! Livery at Larkrigg is about so much more than a just about finding a home for your horse, it’s being part of a horse mad family.

“Places get into your heart and become the source of the greatest joy

I started riding at Larkrigg about eight or nine years ago.  I was about 45 years old then and started from scratch, but the care and quality of teaching of all the members of the school – Anne, Kevin, Julie and Danii – made me feel increasingly confident and safe.  As teachers and friends, I respect them immensely.  Not only did I learn to be a competent rider, but everybody helped me progress all the time, step by step, to the point that I have no worries hacking or enjoying every kind of riding.  Two years ago, I got my own horse and, once again, everybody taught me so much and with so much care, how to look after him, how to be safe with him and how to keep him healthy, happy and a pleasure to be in his company.

Over the years, Larkrigg became the most valuable part in my life – it is just one of those things when people and places simply get into your heart and become the source of the greatest joys and of peace above all else.

“Thank God for the team at Larkrigg!”

Despite much advice to the contrary we took the plunge 2 years ago and bought our own horse. My vision of leisurely evenings in sunny fields was quickly replaced with the terror of learning to drive a trailer, endless debates about clipping and the long running saddle fitting saga. Thank God for the team at Larkrigg! Their ever present expertise, patience and sense of humour has meant that the journey over the last few years has, not only been fun, it's been an true education. Horse owning is certainly not for the faint hearted, but with the support of the Larkrigg team it's a privilege I wouldn't have missed for the world.

“Having the time of their lives.”

As a parent it can be daunting seeing your child ride for the first time, at Larkrigg I never doubted that they were in safe hands and more importantly, having the time of their lives! 7 years on, they are still loving it and continue to learn and progress under the patient guidance of the amazing teachers at Larkrigg.


“A birthday party she'll never forget.”

Organising a birthday party and entertaining a group of 8 year olds for 3 hours is no joke. As any mother will tell you, the pressure to have a great party is huge! Larkrigg was the perfect answer, the laughing never stopped and the staff were so involved and helpful. We all enjoyed it as much as the kids!

“Everyone needs a bit of Larkrigg in their life!”

Larkrigg is a place away from mobile phones, emails and the pressures of school. It's somewhere you can be yourself, lose the makeup and hug a horse. Everyone needs a bit of Larkrigg in their life!


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